2030 Park Avenue Eau de Parfum

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Smells Like: A French 75 cocktail, a sprinkle of rain outside on a spring evening, warm wood and velvet.

Notes: Candied lemon, fresh rain, ambrette, tuberose, cedarwood.

About: A young couple, all dressed up, glittering like the night sky, tumble out of the rain into Cliff Bell's nightclub entrance to celebrate. The snare drum's sound greets them, then the snap of a hi-hat, a few notes on the saxophone as the band warms up. The air is velvety, thick and warm, casting an air of romance as the duo settles into a corner booth. They are surrounded by the mythic history of Detroit--the handmade beauty of the details in every inch of the tiled stage, the sounds of jazz beginning to fill the air. The lovers sip effervescent cocktails and clink their glasses, toasting to their future and the love of the tenacious city enveloping them.

15 ml.